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Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 Announcements!

Hey kids!

Happy New Year, & hope that your 2011 blows 2010 out of the water. We have been slammed ever since the holidays ended, thanks for everyone's support! We've neglected the blog somewhat, but Matt promises that he'll have updates on his visit to get tattooed by Josh Fields, & his trip to the Richmond Tattoo Convention up here soon. Even though the year is just getting started, we have a few announcements Seppuku Ronin may find interesting.

For starters, Johnny & Matt are in yet another book: 

Cranial Visions is a high quality, hard bound coffee table book published by Memento Publishing that is 8 inches wide by 12 inches tall, all 240 pages are printed in full color, featuring 258 artists with over 800 photos.

Here is a portion of the artists that have art in Cranial Visions...

Jeff Gogue, Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter, Alex Grey, Paolo Acuna, Dave Nestler, Cam De Leon, Jesse Smith, Mike DeVries, Bob Tyrell, Aaron Cain, Nikko Hurtado, Josh Winton, Victor Portugal, Simon Hayag, Alex De Pase, Nick Chaboya, Bez, Jeff Johnson, Volko Merschky, Jeremiah Barba, Jeff Ensminger, Ryan Smith, Julius Motal, Sean Herman, Durb Morrison, Tom Strom, Jeffrey Srsic, Benjamin Moss, Carlos Rojas, Bobby Hollond, Mike Chambers, Chris Dingwell, Juan Salgado, Carlos Torres, Chet Zar, Elvin Youg, Thomas Kynst, Guy Aitchison, Don Mcdonald, Ryan Hadley, Josh Duffy, Aaron Bell, Ray Villafane, Peter Forystek, Nathan Kostechko, Mario Rosenau, Dan Hazelton, Joey "skullmaster" Williams, Cory Norris, Sven Gnida, Craig Driscoll, Christian Perez, Kore Flatmo, Mick Squires, Jodi Fry, Jason Vogt, Bugs, Kari Barba, Spiro Kambitsis, Tim McEvoy, Roman, Will Gonzalez and many more! 

Matt & Johnny have nearly a dozen submissions, pick one up,...

For second, Matt & Johnny will be gone all this weekend for,... 

The Hatter Remains 3rd Reunion of the Mad Hatters Tea Party

Friday, February 4, 2011 - Sunday, February 6, 2011

Best Western Merry Mannor INN, Portland, Maine

Reservations 207 774 6151

Phone: 407 568 9200

From Chris Dingwell's press release:

For the third year in a row, Deanna Lippens is hosting the MAD HATTER REMAINS Tattoo convention; a reunion of the long famous MAD HATTER TEA PARTY tattoo convention. This year the WET PAINT PROJECT will be there. We have several amazing artists lined up already, and more to come! We will be working side by side on original artwork all weekend long, so come out and join us for this amazing and uniq...ue view of the artistic process in action!

Participating artists:
CHRIS DINGWELL- Sanctuary Tattoo, Portland, Maine
CANMAN - Visions Tattoo, Medway, Mass
HOLLY AZARRA - Visions Tattoo, Medway, Mass
MATT LUKESH - Sepukku Tattoo, New Jersey
JOHNNY THIEF - Sepukku Tattoo, New Jersey
TEE JAY DILL - White Tiger Tattoo, Rochester, NY
BEN RIEGEL - Off The Map Tattoo, Easthampton, Mass
CHLOE VANESSA GIROUARD-MARTEL - Off The Map Tattoo, Easthampton, Mass
KELLY JO SHOWS - Kennebunk, Maine

Stay tuned for more artists and more details to come!


It's simple really.
As tattooers, we are first and foremost, artists; and while the work of the tattooer has always been somewhat public, owing to the fact that it must be created directly on the clients living skin, the work of the artist, at least in this modern age, has always been a hidden, more secretive, and very private experience.

The Wet Paint Project intends to shatter that privacy, and expose that secret by providing a stage for artists; both tattooers and otherwise, to perform their work in public. Working side by side, these artists will create their own uniquely personal work in a distinctly public arena, allowing viewers, patrons, colleagues and anyone passing by the chance to watch this process unfold and evolve: the chance to watch art being created right before their very eyes.

With this project, we intend to bring tattoo artists who are serious about their work in other mediums together with eachother as well as with artists from outside the tattooing world. We intend as well to bring these tattooers outside of the world of tattooing, and introduce them to an entirely different audience. We intend to travel beyond our own borders, and to invite artists form all kinds of cultures and countries to participate. The directive is simple; make your own work, and share that process with eachother and with all of us.

It began in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Hell City Tattoo Fest in August of 2010 with twelve artists; each one personally selected to participate. In January of 2011, we will bring the Wet Paint Project to the Surf-N-Ink Tattoo Convention on the Gold Coast of Australia. From there we hope to go to Toronto, Seattle, possibly Berlin. We are also working on creating Wet Paint events at major art galleries in Los Angeles and New York City.

With Talented and highly respected artists like Chet Zar, Nick Baxter, Chris Dingwell, Jesse Smith, Cory Norris, Damon Conklin, and many others, the work to be created from these events will no doubt be phenomenal. Professional photos and DVD interviews and will be collected all along the way and compiled at some later date to document these events.

Jamison Eckert will be at the shop all weekend long to field any requests you may have. 

And finally,... 

The 16th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo
Feburary 25th - 27th 2011 

Matt Lukesh & Josh Fields ( will be special guest of the 16th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo.

From the Eternal Tattoo website: 

This year if you haven't already checked out our artists list please do and you will see once again we have brought in the best of the best tattoo artists in the industry. 
Also by clicking on the artists names you will be hyperlinked to their web site so you can view there work and also get a contact number or email address if you would like to contact them to pre book an appointment with them. We also have a special guest artist attending this years convention. Corey Miller formely from LA Ink will be attending and working this years convention so be sure to stop by Corey's booth and check him out. We hope all of you attending our convention  enjoy it and find the right artist you arelooking for and thank all of you for attending and making the Motor City Tattoo Expo  one of the best  tattoo conventions in the USA. Any comments or questions please send to

Hours of Convention
Friday: Noon - 11:00pm
Saturday 11:00AM - 11:00PM
Sunday 11:00AM - 7:00PM

Not a bad way to start off the year. We have a lot of irons in the fire & will announce which of our best laid plans we'd like to include you in on as soon as we are able. Thanks again for your loyal support,... namaste!