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Monday, September 12, 2011

September already?!

Check this out: May 26th, on Jay & Silent Bob Get Jobs, an insanely cool live read commercial for Seppuku Tattoo! The read starts at 12:40, runs until 25:40, & then is mentioned in call backs & follow up jokes throughout the show! Nothing is cooler than listening to Jason Mewes scream, "Seppuku,... fuck you up!!"

Our first guest artist: Josh Fields!

We've been wondering whether or not our rural riverside location would be a good destination spot for traveling guest artists. After our success with the Chris Dingwell seminar, it would seem yes! So Matt & Johnny are opening the doors to artists traveling through the tri-state area from cross country or overseas to crash at the shop & spend some time tattooing & getting tattooed. Because we like getting nice work as well, & we never have time to tattoo ourselves. ;)

September 22 through the 27th, we'll be hosting the amazing Josh Fields from The Platinum Rose Studio  in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Josh is a fourteen year veteran tattoo artist, an accomplished fine artist & oil painter, and his work has appeared in dozens of magazines and publications, as well as gallery shows. You'll see his fine art training evident in his tattoos, which look like museum pieces. 

A lot of spots are already filled as I write this, so call the studio & check for availabilities. 

Our website is about a year behind as far as updates, new art, & new publications. Sorry about that. We've been working six days a week for fourteen straight months, & the workload doesn't allow much time for things as time consuming as new web design. We will get to it, along with all our other plans for shop upgrades, including all the t shirt & sticker designs we have. Thanks for being understanding & dedicated!