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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The studio will be CLOSED from Thursday May 3rd until Tuesday May 8th, as the entire crew will be the guests of Durb Morrison's 10th annual Hell City Tattoo Convention in Columbus, Ohio.

Matt Lukesh, Johnny Thief, & Ali Chin Chin will all be there,... & may still have a few appointments open due to shifting schedules. The studio will be closed for the weekend, if you need to get in touch with anyone, please email them c/o the contacts on the Seppuku web page. 

I (this is Johnny writing) was in attendance for the first Hell City Convention in 2002. I was only a year in the business after my apprenticeship, & was there as a mere spectator. I was blown away at the way Mr. Morrison handled his first convention. He assembled hand picked artists, every table just more talented than the next. The show ran seamlessly, Durb handling pitfalls & problems with a grace I hadn't seen in the tattoo community before. It's an honor to be in a position a decade later where I'm an invited guest. Chris Dingwell is reviving the Wet Paint project again, & although we'll be exhibiting artwork, we will not be onstage this year. We opted to tattoo & get tattooed, so of course Chris goes ahead & assembles the most insane roster of the countries most famous artists. My typical luck. 

We're sorry for the inconvenience of being closed for the whole weekend. We'll post a full write up of this years events when we're back in town. Namaste! .