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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hell City!

Just taking a moment to update. We just finished packing the car & will be on the road for ten hours tomorrow, heading out to Columbus for the Hell City Tattoo Festival. If you're in the area, stop by & buy us a round of drinks. Hell City is a great con for us. I was at the first one in 2002, & Durb put on a stellar show. But I also have some great friends in Columbus, some who were at the very first time I ever tattooed in my life, at the Lo Dow Ho Dow in Myrtle Beach in 1999, back when tattooing was still illegal, & I really sucked. So its fun to hook up with those guys who had faith in me & watched me come up from the start. 

No, the studio is still not open. We've been delayed slightly, a few hiccups in getting our contractors permits, which has taken WEEKS. Once all the construction is completed, which will be just one more week, we'll be open as soon as we can cycle through more inspections than an Iranian nuclear facility. We are so much happier with the new shop already. More window space & more natural light. Great location on busy roadways, off an antique bridge over looking a river that runs right under our windows. Great people who really appreciate our talent, unlike Savannah. Plus, great food all around. 

We'll post photos of all the shenanigans that go on this weekend. Have a good one yourselves. 

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