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Friday, May 27, 2011

May 2011

Konichiwa Seppuku ronin,...

This blog will be short & sweet, as we've just been very busy. It's been an insane winter, our first since we've returned from Savannah,... record snow fall, record cold, & flooding in all the surrounding cities around the studio. We were completely unaffected, & we owe a big thanks to dedicated clients who braved severe weather for our artwork. Also a huge thanks to all the clients who have been traveling from the south to continue to collect work from us. Mille grazie!

Now that we've finally freed ourselves from the arctic thaw,... Below is the current list of events that Seppuku artists will be participating in. Since we've been so busy juggling our schedules, this blog missed the opening of the first event, which is,...

• The Sacrament Art Show, featuring spiritually inspired art & paintings, including work from Seppuku's Matt Lukesh. Opened May 21st at Ryan Hadley's Revolution Tattoo Gallery, 1105 Broadway, Ft. Wayne, IN 46802.

• Both Matt & Johnny will have work featured in the Persistence of Art show, being held at Bullseye Tattoo in Staten Island, NYC. The opening is Friday June 10th at 7PM. "Showcasing original art from some of the world's greatest tattoo artists. Elvin Young, Joe Capobianco, Tom Strom, Boog, Victor Modafferi, Keith Ciaramello, Jason Butcher, Gunnar, David Corden, Vince Villalvazo, Cory Norris, Alvin Chong, John Sweeney, Chris Lowe, Steve Skelly, Liz Manzolini, Nick Caruso, Scottso, Matt Lukesh, Cesar Arroyo, Josh Fields, Tamara Weiss, Gunnar Quispe, Johnny Thief, Jessica Brennan, Jarvis Hinson and many more....!!!" 282 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island, NY. 718-979-4528.

• June 24-26, 2011, Matt Lukesh will be attending the 3rd annual TattooLaPalooza in Miami. He'll be sharing a booth with the maniacally talented Josh Fields of Platinum Rose Tattoo,... The show is at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Miami,... for more information on the convention, & a full list of attending artists & events, check Please contact Matt if you're looking to make an appointment. 

• June 28 - July 2nd,... Johnny Thief will be doing a guest spot at Keith Ciaramello's Kustom Kulture Ink Gallery in Baldwin, NY. Keith will be out of the shop for a few weeks & Johnny will be taking his place alongside the amazing Jared Stromber. Kustom Kulture Gallery & Tattoo's info: 789 Foxhurst Rd. Baldwin, NY 11510. 516.MAD.KOOL (623.5665) • Please contact Johnny if you're looking to get tattooed on Strong Island! 

• The Plane of Existence Art Show at the Platinum Rose Studio & Gallery,... Saturday July 30th, 7PM until midnight. 1725 Blairs Ferry Rd NE Ste 102, Marion, IA 52302. From Josh Field's invite: "I want to reach out to all my talented friends and fellow artist and personally invite you to the July 30th exhibit at the Platinum Rose studio & gallery. Unleash your favorite brushes and create your vision of the plane of existence or the idea of. Please concentrate on doing your project as a landscape or portrait, the sky is the limit though and let your imagination run wild and your feelings flow into your piece. Example may be what you think the afterlife visually may consist of, whom or what beings are a waiting on the other side, evolution of the new world and or the destruction of."

• Hell City Tattoo Festival! August 26-28, Phoenix AZ. Arizona Biltmore 2400 E. Missouri Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85016. Once again Matt & Johnny will be at one of the best conventions in the country surrounded by some of the top peers in the industry. Both artists will alternate between tattooing & painting live on stage as part of Chris Dingwell's Wet Paint Project.

Speaking of Chris Dingwell, Chris will be releasing a new book soon, & has plans on visiting Seppuku when that happens, to teach his painting seminar. We'll let everyone know exact details as they happen. 

The studio will be open during all these events, Jamison Eckert will man the helm in the interim for all your myriad dermagraphic needs. 


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