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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Seppuku Tattoo is hiring!

At the end of this year, we say goodbye to Matt's apprentice, Jamison Eckert. This leaves us with an open chair. 

The Short Bit: 
We're looking for a full time artist with a MINIMUM of 3-5 years of experience, versed in a variety of styles, who can do anything from walk ins to extensive custom work. Full blood borne pathogen training & Red Cross certified. Sharp portfolio. Professional ethics. No rock stars, primadonnas, racists, scratchers, or drug users. Please contact either Matt or Johnny at the studio or via email. 973-291-8187,, or 

The Long Bit:
"A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12
Matt & I have been in business together for going into eight years now, & little has come in the way of our partnership. We are looking for an additional powerful artist to be that third, and maybe a fourth artist as a floater, a part time artist to work in the booths when they're vacant so we can start working a normal schedule, as opposed to the sixty to eighty hours a week we're working now. Preferably, we'd like an artist who we not only can be proud to offer to our clientele, but is strong & creative enough so that we can create an environ where we all learn from each other & push each other to greater heights. 

We have a very open laid back atmosphere where we work hard to let the small shit not matter, & to concentrate our strengths on our art & on our clientele. We are clean & (mostly) sober. We are art school educated & have vast experience in many other mediums. We are very open about assisting each other. We share 'secrets', techniques, styles, supplies, & clients. We are cool about recommending customers to the other when the other is stronger in a particular area. We have absolute trust & never have the kinds of worries you might find in other studios; we never have to worry about anything being stolen, anyone having a key to the studio, or any concerns about the register. Like many artists of our caliber, we like to travel & do guest spots, & we do not want to ever have to worry about leaving the studio in someone's hands. Everyone in the shop helps each other out, answers the phones, takes appointments for each other, schmoozes the clients, cleans, mops, & treats everyone under our roof with respect. We worked very hard to build a great studio, we expect it to be treated as if it was your own. 

Matt & I are both very diverse. Although we do like very tattoo artist types of things, like horror or motorcycles, we are also consumed with academics as well. Matt has a full education in both English & Fine Arts, & I read & think way too much. We work in a number of mediums, live for all varieties of art, & never want to be limited to a tattoo stereotype. We paint & consider the masters to be our main influences. We listen to a broad range of music, from jazz to death metal. 

Seppuku Tattoo does not suck. We have taken a number of awards, have been published in a number of magazines & books, have been invited to the better conventions, & guested at great studios. A perfect candidate will either be working at this level of excellence or show real potential to get there. 

Matt & I both have done formal apprenticeships on top of our art educations & former art careers. We've sacrificed much in paying our dues & earning our place. We have a tremendous amount of respect for the industry & do not engage in trash talk. We have an open door policy & invite other artists to hang out or create art. We didn't name the studio 'Seppuku' for nothing, we did it because the foundational principles of samurai culture are loyalty, honor, & respect. 

I shouldn't have to say what we are NOT looking for. If you are looking for drama, please think of auditioning at a community theatre. If you're currently nursing a serious substance abuse problem, forget it. If you are currently working out of your kitchen, just stop. Problems with hygiene, attitude, tardiness, or unprofessionalism, come on now. 

I'm going into length about our viewpoint because a good working relationship is going to rely on being able to mesh personalities as well as skill & talent. Our studio is small but very high quality. We're in an area that's high traffic enough for business, in a mountain town on a river. We're close enough to the city to get in & out for art shows, but not be overwhelmed by traffic & general insanity. We are not looking for someone who just needs a job, we're looking for someone who really wants to create something great. If this sounds like the kind of place you would like to call home, please contact either Matt of myself immediately. Thanks! 


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