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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I TOLD you we would do T SHIRTS!

Yes, I completed all the art back in March. And then we were slammed for the duration of the summer. We get a bit of a breather as the holidays jump on everyone, & I finished the files & shot them out to the printers. We have two designs,... the kamikaze grrl committing seppuku is a six color print on the back, with the Seppuku cartuche on the front. We have them in heavyweight cotton t shirts, & also a limited number of Dickies work shirts, in M-L-XL-XXL. $20 & $40 respectively.

We also have shirts for the ladies, a three color print on the front, on American Apparel baby dolls. We have S-M-L-XL, at $20.

We also have art prints. Johnny ran six prints of the paintings he's done this year: The Pirate Queen (painting done for the cover of Skin & Ink magazine), Steamed Punk Grrl, Zombiegina, Beautiful Music, Infinite Geisha, and Death's Bed. These prints are 13" x 19", some on white, some on off white water color paper, $20.

Matt has a run of art prints based on the skull studies he's done this year. Also, a number of original oil paintings.!/media/set/?set=a.179688725399409.39027.100000748482809&type=1

I will update this entry later today. For now, you can stop by the shop & see the art for yourself, or contact us via our website. Thanks for everyone's support!


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